hello. my boy is almost 6months old and I have started rice cereal for him along with either strained soup or banana smoothie. he keeps getting bad constipation. this is normal eating schedule. wake up 9. 30-10 breastfeed 11 short nap 11. 30 rice cereal or soup or banana smoothie 12. 00 expressed breast milk about 100-120ml 2/30 breastfeed long nap 6. 30 breastfeed 8. 30 rice cereal 10. 30 formula 180ml 11. 15 sleep 6. 30am dream feed. also he's become very fussy while breastfeeding.. doesn't give it time and screams if I try.. its really sad to see him applying so much pressure and yet not passing stool.. also the hard stool causes him pain. he winces when it comes out. wat can I do to make it better. I HV started work so can't fees him more often than this.. I suspect he doesn't like it much.. I hv started work so

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Updated on Jun 18, 2016

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