hello.. my daughter is 1 yr 4 months ..tired giving her cow milk after 1 yr but she refused to take till now.. entirely on breast milk during night times and travel.. if I force her to take crying badly.. she takes other foods . how to practice her to cow milk? she runs if she gets milk smell.. second opt is formula milk? how safe? best brand pls?

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Updated on Sep 20, 2017

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you can use some attractive cup/glass for milk. Try giving milk when the child is hungry. You may flavour the milk with natural flavourings like elaichi powder, kesar, dates syrup etc. You may give in the form of fruit shakes like mango/banana/cheeku/apple shake. You may even try giving milk in the form of porridges/kheer/custards. There are many good brands of formula milk like farex, similac, lactogen, nan pro, aptamil etc., you may choose any.

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