Hello, My daughter is 4 years and she had been studying in a close by "feeder school" of a large chain of school, in Bangalore. Unfortunately because of stiff competition the feeder school had to wrap up its business locally, and the notice from the school is that we too move our kid to their main school. When I say same area its around 8. 7 km from home. We had been looking for another close by school in a radius of 2 km, but couldn't find the right one with same quality of education /curriculum as she was doing well until last 1 year. We are in dilemma to go by "right curriculum, but far school" or "stressed, ridiculous curriculum, but close by". Knowing our kid we feel she needs mix of both the pros. What do other parents do? What does other parents mind speak to what I am saying or looking for? Please share your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

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Updated on Jan 30, 2016

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