Hello, My daughter who is 7 years and 10 months old. who has been never out of house since this covid started except twice for Doctor consultations. Now my concern is that since Schools are reopening and I cannot send her to School because of few reasons: 1. My Mother who is COPD and CCF case has been put on oxygen from last 4 years. Doctors have advised better to stay home. 2. I have a co morbid case at home who has many issues plus brain tumor. Plus elderly people also at home with very weak immunity. please suggest me if I don't send my daughter to School how can I home School her. kindly suggest something better. Thank You

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Updated on Feb 16, 2022

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I can understand your concern about sending your daughter to school. School does not only take care of the academic activities of a child. School is important to enhance the social skills, leadership skills, language skills, develop motor skills through play. In the given situation, I suggest that you try to help your daughter develop the various skills. Eg. She could develop social skills by talking to her friends on through a video platform like whatsapp web or meet. She can organise play sessions over the platforms where her friends and she are reading together or playing memory games together or studying together. Talking to family and friends will also enhance social skills. Leadership skills can be enhanced by giving your daughter small responsibilities at home, by asking her to be in charge of setting the table or helping you in the kitchen, putting the vessels away. Drawing a timetable with her inputs and following a routine based on the time table. Time table can be flexible. But also make sure you are consistent. Make sure she gets enough physical activities to improver her motor skills and stay fit. Talking to friends and relatives will also help in increasing language and leadership skills. Reading books or you reading to her, talking about everyday events will all help in increasing language skills. Take Care.

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