hello my question is regarding my 11 yrs old daughter. Although she's a very intelligent n smart girl, she is not very social, avoids speaking freely in public. Nowadays, she only wants to be dominating in every other matter, she wants her younger sister to obey her every time, she wants us to listen to her every now n then but she completely denies to listen to us. I just can't understand how to deal with this behavior, extremely worried!! plz help.

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Updated on Jun 07, 2017

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well,parents of this age group of children often face this issue..also we must understand that she is transiting into teenage which has its own way of presenting in all forms including behaviour,personality,physical changes.. also it is a age of menarche for her.. it will be helpful if you start understand her need to be taken as an elder now..for few decisions,let her take like what to wear,dressing her up..it will strengthen your bond with her and she'll listen to u better... kindly go through this blog and it might be useful to you.. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-cope-with-teen-disobedience/2400 take care! do let us posted

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