Hello.. My son has completed about 2 months and 20 days, as on today. We've observed that he strains himself while breathing and makes prominent noises while(like having a blocked nose) breathing and even while feeding. I see him putting effort while breathing, especially near his throat ( just below where an adams apple would be). This gets worse at night and most of the time he has a disturbed sleep, cuz we see him waking up all of a sudden as if short of breath. We thought this was due to a nose congestion as the paediac had first mentioned that the noises are likely to be prevalent until 3-4 months due to the nasal tract being narrow for babies; so used to use saline drops for his nose, but in vain. But with the most recent checkup and the noise being more prominent and causing him disturbance, the doc mentioned that it could be a case of laryngomalacia, caused due to a deficiency in calcium leading to a soft voice box causing these noises while breathing. Hes given him some calcium suplements for now. I got home and googled the terminology and found information in abundance, most of which might not even be the case with my son. I wanted to know if this is this is an issue with the voice box why do I see my baby having issues with breathing? Also what are the things that I need to be cautious about with regard to the issue.. ?? I wanted

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