Hello.. my son is hyper active .he keeps on doing one or the other thing ..never gets tired... no body baby sits him.. he also does'nt eat properly... he never sits in one place so that i csn teach him good habits or can talk... i can also helpless when i take him outside for shopping or any other work.. he does'nt stood in one place.. suggest me some tips to make him calm and gentle.... he is 3yrs4 mnths..

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Updated on Apr 03, 2017

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Your son seems to be more active than usual. he has lots of energy so he needs to play outdoors a lot. Enroll him in swimming/ martial art /art classes. Meanwhile Create posters on his daily routine and put it up in his room or in the bathroom. Prepare a checklist beside the posters. Let him tick the activities when he completes. Many children and parents do this and it has proven successful. This helps them to self rate and activities get done. Your child needs a little more reminders than others so this will be useful. Also give him preparation time. When he does not do something, ask her,' You have to do this... would you do it now or 10 minutes later?' And give him the option. Patience and warmth will help in tackling this. At this age he is trying to assert her individuality .So please remain calm. If you get upset he learns that behavoiur from you and increases his tantrums.

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