Hello my son is two years old he doesn't like to drink milk at all , I have tried giving him fruits shake and horlicks bournvita everything I have tried but he doesn't like to drink and he throws the milk Bottle so please suggest me what shall I do how to make him Drink milk

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Updated on Oct 25, 2016

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you can use some attractive cup/glass for milk. Try giving milk when the child is hungry. You need to keep trying and be firm about not giving bottle. You may flavour the milk with natural flavourings like elaichi powder, kesar, dates syrup etc. If the child above 2 years you may use flavoured milk supplements. You may give in the form of fruit shakes like mango/banana/cheeku/apple shake. You may even try giving milk in the form of porridges/kheer/custards. Other alternatives to milk are curd/yogurt, paneer/cheese, buttermilk/lassi.

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