Hello! My younger son is in class 6. He shirks studies , he doesn't take interest in studies . How to create his interest in studies ?

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Updated on Jul 01, 2017

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here are a few tips- 1. Enrich your children's surroundings with books, interesting trivia, videos, picture books to explore, which, doesn't have to be class syllabus related, but more so on the concepts in a fairly interesting manner. Your child could also have a writing wall/white board for them, they both could scribble anything they want on it. Writing helps putting one's thoughts out, and it would help your child in a big way. 2. Encourage your childto ask queries. Role model by asking what you don't know and by sharing the awesome feeling once you found the answer. Try and answer your child's queries, if not immediately, may be in some time, so that your child starts enjoying the interaction associated with enquiry. Appreciate and encourage the behaviour each time. In fact, make it sound super cool/ awesome kinds. 3. Try and take this fwd with your children's respective class teacher as well. She needs to be your partner at this to help your child. 4. Get your childto try puzzles/crosswords projects at home in different settings/situations/surroundings 5. Play the game "Follow the leader" with a series of actions. Let one of the players be the leader and the rest the followers. The followers have to do the exact same thing the leader does and in the same order. If the child has ear for music, choose different utensils and things made of different materials such as iron, ceramic, glass,copper, plastic, leather. Let the leader use a plastic mallet or a wooden stick to tap the materials (not necessarily on all the materials) in certain order in a rhythm. Let the followers observe and tap them in the same order. 6. Change the things around the house from the usual. For example hang a photo upside down, put the cushion cover inside out, wear socks from 2 different pairs. Use your imagination to make the change and ask your child to identify the difference. Overall, make learning not a silo, but an integrated part of day-to-day happenings for your child, and imagine the kind of interest it shall evoke in your child to know more. Also please do read this blog on handy ideas towards improving your child's concentration levels. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-improve-concentration-levels-for-your-child/547 hope this helps. I hope these give you some ideas.

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