hello sir i have twin daughters aged 8 yrs old both of them are studying in different sections in a prestigious school .one of my daughter starts crying on hearing that its time to go to school ,on asking her she says she does not want to go to school because their are teachers in the school who pay attention to certain girls in the class who are doing extremely well & other average girls are not taken care of,she wants to be the head of certain groups which are formed for doing social activity ,for which only meritorious girls are selected ,she is an extremely well behaved & intelligent child who finishes her work on time but is not bold enough to tell certain things to her own class teachers & remains extremely quiet most of the times in the class. due to this fear of school she has stomach ache every morning & keeps on sobbing till she reaches the school. we have spoken to her teacher & she has also confirmed that she is a very sensitive child who cannot be scolded in front of the entire class as she gets offended easily ,the teacher pays special attention to her & makes her sit near her working desk only but once in while when the seats are changed she starts having this problem of not going to school .please suggest some changes if we can make .my other daughter is pretty fine & is handling the ways of the world nicely.

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and enables a child with reasoning, understanding various patterns, decision making, and it's at this age that a child builds comprehensive building blocks on multiple fronts. A lot of this is dependent on the surroundings, interpersonal relationships which the child makes with her peers, and the opportunities presented to her in these duration, both at home and at school. There is perhaps something equally important which is missed by adults, including educators given a large class of children, reducing the focus on individual learner, and that is the "preferred learning style" of a child and the "child's nature". It's here that as adults, we can help the child get to her true potential. Here are a few suggestions for her educators (you would need to discuss this with her educators as well) as well as for you, 1. Spend some time everyday on various activities with your child, apart from academics, especially understanding, how does your child understand and observes various things, concepts. Encourage conversation and enquiry from your child. 2. It's OK if your child is not as talkative and social as other children, afterall not all children would talk and talk, in that case who would listen? This is a persoanlity trait and it's completely normal to be an introvert. Most such children have great grasping and observation. As an educator, one needs to channelise that aspect positively rather than being worried about it. Being introvert doesn't have to translate into being isolated from learning or from a group. 3. Get her stomach ache checked, it may be a genuine allergy, may be from something she has every day in her breakfast, may be gluten, may be egg or may be lactogen or perhaps something else. I would suggest to take this up soon with the Doctor to test for food allergies. 4. Try and understand her natural talent, and her preferred learning style to channelise her positively towards achieving her true potential. You can attend our focused Live chat coming up on this topic this weekend. details here: https://www.parentune.com/livechat/landing/30 Lastly, I am so proud of you and congratulate you for the fact that you mentioned, "what changes we can make". I'll be elated if you could come back with an update after you try the above approach. All the best Lipika!

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