Hello Sir/Madam. my son is 12+ and he is in class 7th. From the very beginning of session he is not interested in studying. In earlier classes too he didn't study well also doesn't pay attention in class. now in this yr I told him to work hard and study well which he just don't listen. he had told me that ki Mera man padhai Mai nahi hai. mujhe padhna Aacha nahi lagta. Pl advice me how to motivate him towards study as I appointed a tutor too and also made a time table too for his study

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Updated on May 28, 2017

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Does he have learning difficulties? Do have him evaluated by a psychologist as soon as you can. It could be a reason. Alternatively spare an hour to hang out with him every day. Give him undivided attention. Talk to him and find out his likes and dislikes. Talk to his teachers. You could also take him to a counsellor.

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