Hello Sir/Mam, I have a 8 year Old kid I am a working Mother my Husband stay out of town. We stay in a very Remote area Since School are closed My kid Is in Home all time. For online classes we have to provide him Tab but since we both r out he always busy in tab. Playing games watching YouTube Kids all day My in laws are there but they are old and they don't care too much what he is watching or seeing .As a result he is always busy in that he don't have friends outside. there is no park even .Playing almostall day in tab he is getting very frustrated he is getting irritated. please help me with a timetable so he can enjoy. He always seems very unhappy and frustrated I know he is a child after all and he wants to play but I don't have options I came from office at 8p. m after he don't want to study or listen to story .please help me with any advice

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Updated on Dec 01, 2020

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I can understand your concern. Please try to get little time for your child be it you or your husbamd. It would be best if you and your husband take turns to be at home or go for work from home option. If that is not possible then you can sit eith your child and make his routine keep in mind the timings of your work. Give him small responsibilities of household chores like filling water bottles, dusting, making his bed, organising his room. I know its not easy but you can inculcate this habit by being warm, consistent and firm on what you say. Best way out is to use token economy or star chart. In this for each chore he does give him a token or star and yhen at the end of the day or week let him use that stars to get what he loves, it could be his tab time also. Enrich your children's surroundings with books, interesting trivia, videos, picture books to explore, which, doesn't have to be class syllabus related, but more so on the concepts in a fairly interesting manner. Your children could also have a writing wall/white board for them, they both could scribble anything they want on it. Writing helps putting one's thoughts out, and it would help your children in a big way. Get your child to try puzzles/crosswords projects at home in different settings/situations/surroundings. Plan activities with him that are interactive. When he will enjoy such things he will try to get involve in such activities more and less on tab. But you will really need to work hard in order to achieve what you want. Hope this be of help to you. For any further query do keep us posted. Take Care

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