Hello there.. My baby girl will turn 4 months on the 20th of this month. Due to insufficient breast milk, i have been formula(Nestle NAN Pro 1) feeding her since birth. She was willingly drinking formula at regular intervals till 2. 5 months. All of a sudden after that, she stopped drinking from bottle and would turn away her head. Somehow I managed to feed her when she was asleep. But now since she has turned 3 months old, she has completely stopped drinking from bottle and I have no other option but to feed her forcibly with spoon. And all the while i feed her, she keeps crying. She doesn't demand for milk or cry or no other symptoms of hunger. Also nowadays, she sleeps for 8-10 hrs at a stretch at night without feeding. I don't want to wake her up during night to feed her with spoon as I am afraid this will disturb her biological clock of day night schedule. How long can a 3 month old go without feeding? Doctors pay no heed as her weight has been increasing and is what it should be at her age. Lengthy concern but your response will be greatly appreciated.

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Updated on Oct 12, 2015

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Hi Yojana, you may change the brand of milk and see if that taste appeals her palatte. For night tim...

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