Hello! this time I need help for me. I always think that I behave with my kids very calmly. in their absence I prepare myself for them to be loving, but when they come home I even tried to be calm but when they do not behave properly then I loose my temper easily and then I do that I really don't want to. so please suggest me some tips to make me calm

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Only if the parent is fine the children are fine too. Hence our wellness is very important. It looks that you are stressed and exhausted. Do you have a domestic help to do households chores? If not hire one immediately. Keep aside 45 min time exclusive for yourself. Once a month go to the parlour or a restaurant or visit friends to de stress. Practice Deep breathing. Whenever you feel pulled apart just breathe 3 times. If you can't then keep a packet of balloons and blow 3. This is equal to deep breathing. All you need is a bit of planning and prioritising. Is there someone at work who can take care of office wile you spend at least an hour with children. Once they come home you have to pay attention. Also it is very normal for children to be mischievous. It is part of growing up. We cannot expect them To behave like robots. They are doing this to get your attention somehow. They are receiving negative strokes but even this works for children. Paying attention is your expression of love. Or take the help of someone to supervise their study time as they are small and need guidance. You can come later and hang out with them. Their study time should be interspersed with breaks. 30 min study +5 min break. But at this age they would need supervision till they become dependent. Take care and do keep us posted on your improvement. I understand your worry. Contrary to popular belief of sitting the child down and monitoring homework, you could focus in fostering independence in your child, and reaching out for help when in need while doing homework. Please find some handy tips here. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/home-work/119 I hope these give you some ideas. I hope this helps.

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