Hello,my son is 3. 4yrs ..he is very active ..he started going school from past few days.. but his principal keep on complaining that he is not listening ..and whenever we stop him he shouts.. he is not following orders.. he only wants to play.. and while playing he is harming n beating other students... so she suggested me to councell him snd also lower down his sugar level.. but he does not have sugary food.. he jst takes sugar with milk.. he has not habbit of choclates chips n preservative drinks.. i have heard ADHD problem in children ...bur my child has very sharp mind and he knows most poems counting fruits veg names animal names body parts all by his own or with very less help of others.. but he loves playing ..and for playing he can do anything ..that time he will follow all your order otherwise not.. Please help me how to make him desciplined..

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Updated on Apr 14, 2017

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It would be advisable to have an assessment done by a child psychologist to rule out any doubts. Please read this blog and watch this expert video for some handy tips. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/handling-aggression-in-children/198 I hope this helps.

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