Helloo My daughter is 3 years old ...she is hyper active child ...especially kb hm kahi Bahia jayai market jayai bht tantrum s show krti hay. . I mean mall may jatay hi Pta nhi kiya hojata hay out. Of control Hojati hay... she lay down start crying ...ND one more thing Mari beti ki aik bht ajeeb so habit hay ...jis K sth b bethay uskay Kano(ears) K sth play krti hay smtimes bite b krti hay... we try everything gusay say pyar say hr tra say try kiya bt habit khtm hi nhi hoti... plz experts I want ur expert advice in this regard ..thank u so much

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Updated on May 22, 2019

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The age of 2 -3 or a little more is called the terrible twos. At the age of two a child is establishing one's identity. Hence it is very important how you handle your child with positive discipline tactics. Kids have meltdowns and temper tantrums for two reasons. The first reason is that they have never learned how to manage or have run out of how to manage their feelings in a new situation or event. The second reason they have tantrums is because it’s been successful for them in the past. They’ve seen that when they have a tantrum, they get what they want pretty quickly. It is also attention seeking.Even when you try your best such tantrums will recur. Maintain a tantrum diary or chart. Observe when she gets angry or stubborn. mark in your diary or chart. Once you understand the trigger you will be able to manage her better. At this age she is not able to express her wants and needs so she will get stubborn or angry. be patient. Try to verbalize her anger. Tell her,' you are angry because daddy is not giving you the sweet. ' Hold her close to you while you talk. She may continue to be angry. keep talking softly 'daddy will help you . i am here. i love you.' If she does not want you to hug her, be near her and observe. Then pick her and take her to a corner in the house. Call it the 'blue corner' and put her there till she calms. Soon she will realise that she will have to go to the blue corner if she misbehaves. At this age it is also easy to distract children. Regarding touching others’s ears she seems to be a kinaesthetic person. She needs to touch or feel. Hence give her clay, play doh, kinetic sand to play with. She will grow out of the habit. Keep guiding her and gently cautioning her. Please use this blog and video: https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/handling-aggression-in-children/198 All the best and do keep us posted.

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