hello,thanks for answering me. bt my problem is that my baby eats properly during the day bt at night he takes bm many times. And I can't sleep all d night when I tried to give him formula milk during sleep he vomits all. Please suggest me what I do? should I use bottle? After two days he is completing his one year.

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Updated on Nov 28, 2016

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the baby should be well fed through the day, this would help in ensuring a sound sleep at night too. Since the child is growing you should increase his number of solid feeds. From one year of age you should start with three meal pattern, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner along with two snacks.Keep enough gap between his feeds, be it solid or milk to ensure that he is hungry. Again total milk amount can be between 400-550 ml maximum in a day, so that the child doesn't fill his stomach with milk only. You can give him a filling dinner and then a milk feed at his sleep time. This should help in keeping his stomach full through the night. If these suggestions do not help, do take advice of your paediatrician on this.

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