Hey, presently i m wrkng as a astt professor in one of the pvt engg college of nagpur. I retrieve my services when my aon was only 3mnths old,a nd started to send him at day care when he was 13mnths old. I have a deep guilt inside my heart that i am nt able to give him time. Getting exhausted for full day,i myself don't hv that energy left to cope up wth his energy level. and ultimately things end up into my frustration and anger. I knw my baby wants me aftr the whole day apart. Finally i am planning to leave the job and look aftr my son only, bt some whr in mind hvng dilemma of future financial planning and presently i also at peak of my career. what to do plz suggest. my baby is very sharp and extraordinary grasping power. I don't want him to lose his strengths. I knw i hv to take a step... plz guide me

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Updated on Apr 07, 2017

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It is indeed a tough decision. Before you give up can you negotiate for a par time job in your college? Line up a good helper to help in house work once you return so you are free to be with your child. Please remember that stay at home moms also have challenges. While staying at home if you feel guilty of giving up your job you will end up frustrated and angry. If you can give quality time to your child after you return then that is great. He is two now and will start regular school in a year's time. Once he goes to school you may get bored. Can you think of working from home or a part time job as alternative? Involve your spouse in balancing between child and home and financial planning . Do let me know if this helps

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