hi, can u please which which feeding bottle and nipple is good for my baby , she is just 1. 5 momths old and my breastmilksupply is very less as she keep on putting finger in her mouth continuously and becomes irritated all the time, she has gained 1kg weight till now as her birth weight was 3. 9 and now she is of 4. 9. please suggest me the best. thanks

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Updated on Nov 19, 2018

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Do not start with bottle milk or top milk at this age. Breast milk is the best and no milk can match with it. Will give you advice on increasing the milk supply which if followed with patience and full dedication will surely help. Breast milk supply depends on sucking and the willingness to breastfeed . The more the sucking, more will be the milk production and more will be the supply. For this, check on the tips - 1. Make sure baby is latched or attached well to your breasts as this will ensure good sucking. 2. Make sure baby is positioned well. Hold baby with your arms forming a C shape and face completely turned towards your chest. You can check with your doctor for correct positioning. 3. Feed more often and for longer time on each side. 4. Drink plenty of water and atleast 2-3 cups of milk in a day. 5. There are many natural and healthy foods that increase milk supply plus they do not cause any harm to babies. These are Carrots, Beet, Dark green veggies like Spinach, Oats, chickpeas, nuts,, sesame seeds, ghee, almonds, cashew, gardencress seeds, edible gum methi seeds and some , spices like, ginger, saunf, black pepper, , aijwain, caraway and turmeric but these foods should be taken in moderation. 6. Do not take any medication unless prescribed by doctor and avoid excess of coffee. 7. Remain happy and relaxed and do not get stressed.

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