Hi, Can you please suggest good schools in Bangalore near Indira nagar area. Also I want to know, on which criteria should we judge the schools? One more concern I have is, if I admit my kid in schools like NPS or DPS, will this create a impression that her parents are having a lots of money, and she belongs to some high class. Because though we can spend for good school, I want her to know value of money, want her to stick down to earth. I dont want her to simply go in that impression where looking at classmates and there parents, she will keep comparing and demanding all the time. What I want her to get is good education and good values which will be there for her entire life. So can you please suggest if what I feel is correct? and what are schools that fit in this criteria?

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Updated on Apr 12, 2013

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Hey Sneha! Like the query on "choice parameters" while looking at the right school for your child.

Here are some factors which you should consider while you choose the school:

1. Infrastructure 

2. Faculty competence (background, interaction, feedback from fellow parents)

3. Sports and cocurriculuar facilities

4. Academic reputation ( concept understanding, results from the past)

5. Transport facilties (distance, school bus, safety)

6. Value for money (Your budget and fellow parents' opinion on the value for their money)

i would also like you to visit the "school ranking" section in the education section on parentune. You would find "city wise ranking" there as well. Please choose B'lor and the rankings will show where do schools stand across the above factors. Also, i completely understand your thoughts around sensitising your child on the "value of money" right from an early age. I would reccommend you to read our blog "Teaching our children the value of money" http://parentune.com/parenting-blog/teaching-our-children-the-value-of-money/228. You would find answers to your concerns and queries here as well. Feel free to write back for more information. All the best Sneha!

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