hi doc, my son is 4n half years old. m staying in apt. n in same floor all my neighbour frnds had daughters of my son 's age... no boys... my son doesn't want to play wid boys in other boys.... all d time he just want to play wid girl name archita ...she is5+ every morning he says mumma shal i go to archita house i says noo.... he start yelling, throwing stuffs here n der.... every morning,afternoon,evening he go n knock d door.. .. n i feel my neighbour s not liking at all.... believe me doc... always i make him understand to plays wid other kids ....n reply is nooooo sometimes he tickles to his younger sister..... as same think he do wid archita... den she says"kanha ,boys should not touch girls" he ask me mumma why she said like this always... even i teach him always dont tickle any girls... n even wen i try to make him plays wid other kids... kids start complaining... kanha pushing or hitting n my son says ma they r not playing wid me... as majority of kids r girl.... i really feel bad for my son.... he's just 4n half to understand difference between girl n boys...... how to tackle frm dis situation????? pls help me doc. waiting for ur reply

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Updated on Oct 15, 2016

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Hi Nisha! Thanks for asking this question. I understand your worry here. Am suggesting you some...

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