Hi Expert I need your help. I have a 5 year old kid. He is naughty and Hyperactive. Earlier i used to stay with my husband and son. Recently I got a job and shifted to my inlaws place. After shifting I feel a Change in my son behaviour he is getting very aggressive. My inlaws pamper him a lot. They always behave as if he is not a kid. He don't have innocence in his behaviour always made him feel bossy. They always tell story to him about evils,blood,monster instead of angel freedom frighter which could be inspiration for him. My brother in law purchase a Spiderman and Hulk robot for him recently I got complain from his school that he misbehave with teachers don't respect them. I got very frustrated how many times I make my inlaws understand they don't and they get angry. I didn't get help from Husband. He don't want to listen anything about his parents instead he keep on yelling my kid as a result I have to left my jobs please advice how to Change his behaviour?

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Updated on Jul 25, 2017

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Could you not go back to your husband now that you have left your job? It would be best to relocate to your husband's place. You can look out for a job there too. If you are at your in laws place you will not be able to change the situation. If you have to be in the same Town you can think of shifting out. Children will sway towards those whom they can manipulate. You will only feel helpless. So you have option of being a helpless observer while staying with in laws Shifting out to a smaller place Relocating to your husband's place

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