Hi Experts My son is 4 years old. His height & weight is not growing as it should. He still looks like a 2 years old. Below are his statistics: Age: 4 years Height: 93 cm Weight : 12. 7Kg Fussy Eater Daily Diet : 6:30AM - Cow Milk with 2 spoons of Pediasure 8:00M: Fruit break in school 10:00 AM: Lunch in school usually Stuffed parantha, Veggie roll, Dal Parantha, Dosa, Fried Rice etc. ** Sometimes he has it but usually dont or eats half of it ** 12 Noon - cocomut water (1 glass) + Left out fruits that he didnt ate in school or Yakult etc 2 PM : 1 roti with Vegetables ( Usually eats half roti) 6:00 PM : Banana Shake with almonds powder and sugar 7:00-7:30 PM: Sometimes Pastries, chocolates , toffees etc 9:00 PM : 1 roti with Dal ( usually eats half roti and very fussy eater in dals. Eats very limited and selected dals only ) 10:40 PM : 1 glass of cow milk with 2 spoons of Pediasure. Thats his entire day's menu. Usualy Veggies are prepared more often in our house are: 1. Spinach 2. Capsicum 3. Potatoes 4. Fenugreek 5. Saag 6. Matar & Aloo 7. Lady Finger 8. Rajma 9. Arbi 10. Beans 11. Carrots please advice me what is missing in his Nutrition ? looking forward for your reply

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Updated on Nov 28, 2017

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