hi, I am a mother of 6. 5 month old baby girl.. my baby's birth weight was 2. 88 and she was 5. 66 at 5 th month. I introduced first bytes at her 5 th month and she seemed to like it and enjoyed. however since 10 days I'm struggling to feed her anything. she's not eating her cerelac or ragi porridge nor top milk. top milk was introduced 10 days ago. I'm concerned as she was willingly having cerelac, mashed bananas and carrot earlier but since a few days she doesn't eat them instead keeps it in her mouth and never swallows, I've done everything on earth but she doesn't swallow, I'm surprised as to how she could keep it in her mouth for so long. if I force and feed she vomits. she doesn open her mouth and cry so I can give top milk for her to swallow. I am giving enough gap, even if I try feeding her after 3-4 hrs she takes around 50-60 ml of milk and starts off with her usual drama of keeping it in her mouth. pls suggest I'm totally tensed as I've to start working in another 15 days, she latches onto the bottle and takes water but if I replace it with milk she doesn't...

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Updated on Apr 25, 2016

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