Hi ,I am a working Mother I have a 7 year old kid. We live in a Joint Family. My Husband mostly out of town for work. we live where nearby theo park or playground. therefore he cannot able to go outside for play. my inlaws are also old they are not able to take him out as a result he is always jumping watching cartoons. he has a low concentration. which is affecting his studies. please suggest what to do?. He is also getting irritated, grumpy day by day. His behaviour Is also affecting others

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Updated on Dec 02, 2019

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I understand your concern. Routines help children and they need routines. Give him an hour to relax after he returns. You could negotiate for 30 minutes only if entertainment. Set rules and consequences. Take the help of your in-laws so that they help you in this matter. In case this is difficult it would be best to hire a transport to take him to activity classes. Enroll him in indoor or outdoor classes like art, chess, martial art, music or dance, public speaking etc. Maybe you could hire a tutor to supervise his learning and homework. This would keep him occupied through the evening. Make a habit of eating early and sleeping early by 8.30 or 9 pm. Please tell your in laws how watching tv or smartphone impacts the memory , concentration and brain development. Maybe a good video will help them to understand. But some good indoor games like Lego or puzzles that would help in improving concentration. Get him to read books too. Set a time period to study for 1-1.15 hours. In this period allow 20 min studying, 5 min break slots. Be gentle and firm that he has to follow the routine. When he completes studying or writing give him a sticker. When he gets 5/7 stickers for example give him a reward. Please be patient and give him lots of love and affection. Slowly all this routine will help. Please find some handy tips here to go about inculcating discipline for your child. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/love-or-fear-how-do-you-discipline-your-child/771 I hope this helps. All the best and do keep us posted.

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