Hi I am being mom of 4 yr okd kid , suffering from viral conjunctivitis since 2 days. When i asked the opthalmologist about precautionary measures for my son he advised me to be away from the kid for 4-5 days till my eye illness completely goes off as the indirect hand touch between my eye and the kid could also havd wide chance of spreading. Hence my kid is being taken care by my husband snd family since 2 days. Now the question is that my eye illness has reduced to a great extent to 95 %. i feel onky little pain now, slight reddishness in the eye and a bit swell around the eye. I think by tomorrow i will be completrly okay. So please advise me if i can take care of my sin from tomorrow onwards or should i seek doctor's advice. Thanks a lot Sravanthi

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Updated on Jan 13, 2018

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