hi, i am concerned about the weight of my 10 week baby boy. birth weight was 2. 5. that was reduced to 2 in a week. after a month he was 2. 9, and was 3kg weighted on 18feb. then we started formula as per doctor. i also give breast milk most of the time and in a day i give him similac 2 or 3times. as of toady he is 4 kg. is he under weight. plz guide. and by birth only he has vomiting problem which is normal in few infants as per doc.

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Updated on Mar 10, 2017

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the weight of the baby seems fine. There is no absolute weight for the babies below one year of age which is considered healthy. There is a range of weight and generally birth weight of the baby is considered.The baby should be consistently gaining weight. If the baby doubles her birth weight by 5 months and triples by one year, it means the weight gain is good. You can also read the following blog https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/10-facts-to-know-about-your-childs-weight/553

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