hi I am living in a joint family here my daughter is 6 years old. she is talkative .In our family every one is connering her rather makes mistake or not . 6 children are here I can't blame others. i feel very bad to seeing my daughter crying face. since its a joint family I am accepting what they are telling. Now a days here interest in studies also gone . pls tell me how to over come this situation n make my child to be good .

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Updated on Nov 08, 2017

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Make it a ritual to take her outdoors for 15 minutes or an after dinner ritual to spend exclusive time with her. Just have fun, chat and have a casual time. During this time build an open channel of communication. As the primary caregiver you can instill self esteem and confidence. Slowly coach her on how to or how not to react to others’ comments etc. also make her studies interactive and interesting. Use activities to strengthen her concepts.

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