hi, I am living in a joint family. my husband stays abroad. the problem is my child is completely dependent on me. to make him sleep, to wake him up, meals, teaching good manners, stories,and of course, homework and all school stuff.... everything I have to look after only. so basically, I am a single parent , working women. as mine is joint family, managing rules and a routine is very difficult. there is no 'on time' work. everything gets delayed, I mean everything. if I make a rule chart and stick to it, I'll get a label of 'bad' or ' ovetsmart bahu'. I have to listen comments like, ' routine set karne se kuch nahi hota', 'his father was like that only... he will be the same' . ' joint family mein koi routine nahi hota' . How I cope up with this situation??

Created by Nidhi
Updated on Dec 18, 2016

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