hi I have a nephew of age 4. 5 studying in prep class (nursery) ... he has no interest in studies.. Infact the basic knowledge I. e recognizing numbers, alphabets he don't know.. I m trying to teach him but he is taking 3-4 days to learn / recognise only 1 number.. I m trying with help of videos , books, objects and keep on writing again and again on notebook... but he is taking too much time.. and with new learnings he gets puzzled and forget the last learning... please guide me the way out of this

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Updated on Dec 08, 2019

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I understand your concern. Each child has his own pace of learning. Share your concerns with his teacher. Try to use the same method which they use at school. Some are late bloomers. So don’t worry. Use flash cards instead of video. Try the phonetic method. Also at his age attention span is hardly five minutes. Hence break his learning time slots into 25 min study plus 5 min break. Give a sticker or star when he completes a task. When he gathers seven stars give a small treat. Try to remain calm and make the learning fun. Make it like a game or activity. Do not stress him too much. He would lose interest in studies then. All the best

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