Hi , I have Twins baby girls of almost 3 months old now , they born after 8. 1 months. their born weight was 1. 8 and 1. 2 . right now 1st baby;s weight before 2 weeks were 3. 4 kgs . and second baby weight is 2. 7 now . the problem is my second baby is having sore throat ,her voice has changed drastically . i mean became very low now . doc has given nasoclear drops but otherwise she is not having cold etc. and the problem of my first baby is whenever she takes feed , she hardly burps but she starts throwing out (like vomiting ) from mouth ,doc prescribed Emigo for her and now it has been reduced but not completely stopped. Please give me some advise on it also i want to increase my second baby weight .please advise what to do ...she is taking Nan Pro 1 , MCT oil and other supplement drops along with breast feed .

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Updated on Mar 28, 2016

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Please follow the home remedies for runny nose and sore throat in the following article on Parentune - 5 HOME REMEDIES FOR RUNNY NOSE IN TODDLERS. Help the baby burp by patting her back as you hold her on your shoulders. Also, make sure you dont move or shake the baby a lot after she has had her food. That usually makes the baby throw up.

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