Hi, I need to wean my child from night feed. I am having a very hard time getting my daughter to drink from a cup. Have the following questions: 1. Is bournvita good to add to the milk, so she might drink it 2. How much milk is required by a 2. 6 year old? 3. Till what age can a bottle feed be continued, are there any harmful effects of taking plain unsweetened milk from a bottle? Thanks, Aditi

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Updated on Aug 04, 2015

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Any milk supplement, in your case bournvita, can be used if the child is over 2 years of age, for flavouring. You may even try natural flavours of dates, kesar, elaichi etc. You can give a 650-700 ml of milk. Any amount over it can cause anaemia. It would reduce child's appetite for other solid foods. Prolonged bottle feeding is not good for health. Hope it helps.

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