Hi I recently came across your website and am impressed with the various articles on parenting with appropriate content. mmy concern is my daughter who is 23 mo old. She goes to home daycare with middle aged Indian Telugu women since she is 9 mo old. Initially she had problem adjusting there since she was very much attached with me and at 9 mo she was able to recognize family and strangers so cried a lot. However it took around 6 mo for her to adjust fully in sense that she no longer cried in mornings in car while on way to drop her at day care. She started eating there fine playing and all in 1 month. she was never a good eater but I used to feed her anyhow. Now her daycare doesnot have any other kids .they are on vacation so she is only kid . She has got more lady and her daughter who is 23 years . Since almost three weeks she stopped eating with me. now a days she completely stopped eating at home no rice no meld. If I cut fruits offer to her she eats or sometimes not but not from me and sometimes by hubby. I donot know what happens. She didn't speak much but when I ask why are you not eating food she says sometimes "aunty". that. Is what she calls the daycare lady. It is the food prepared by me but she she won't eat at home. And also she is trying to eat herself at home. I really don't understand what o do why she suddenly changed. My cousin sister kids who are Same age came in between and she saw them eating themselves. However my sister also feeds them the meals like rice dal etc. they self feed the e tras. I don't know if she saw them and it influenced her or is she getting attached to her daycare lady more. She still needs me and says my name all the time at dance are too , plays with me needs me cries for me but won't eat from me. Any advice on this situation would be helpful. We are planning her to shift to American daycare for 2 days a week so that she learns activities and socializes with other kids as there are no activities in present daycare . However in these daycare they don't feed and she doesn't eat anything on her own although I have tried at home to make her self feed, she takes bird bites and says she no longer wants to eat. Any advice would be highly appreciated regarding her behavior change and how to get her eat herself substantial quantity. Thanks Dee

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Relax, there is nothing to worry about your daughter's behaviour & eating habits. It is completely normal for a two year old too behave like this. Around two years of age a sense of individuality starts developing in children. And they start demanding independence, be it their clothes or food. So by rejecting and accepting certain foods they are exerting their individuality. Again your daughter getting attached to her day care lady is completely normal. If you see from your daughter's side, that lady has been now part of her daily life. Her eating food daily with her "aunty" is also her routine. Your daughter's food habits are typical for her age. Few suggestions for her are Try and make her eat meals with family. This would encourage her to eat what she sees you all eating. Do include her favourite healthy along with other options. Let her eat her meals herself, though you may assist her, if she needs help. Give a fixed time like 15 minutes for a snack and half an hour for the main meal to finish. If she doesn't, remove the plate. Give something to eat only in the next meal. Give enough time between two meals to make her feel hungry. Do include finger foods, as children in this age group like to manipulate foods wit their hands like fresh fruit thinly sliced or cut into small pieces like pear, apple, mango, banana, peach. • sticks of vegetables like carrot/slices of cucumber/tomatoes • whole-grain biscuits/ breakfast cereals like corn flakes/wheat flakes. • cheese /cottage cheese cut into thin slices or shredded Let her eat by her own hunger. Eventually she would eat well, wherever you send her. Hope it helps.

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