Hi.. I'm 27 week pregnant now. all of a sudden i feel nausea and vomiting, is it normal?

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Updated on Aug 28, 2019

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Severe vomiting

Some women have vomiting till second or even third trimester in pregnancy , you should consult your doctor for appropriate tests and medicines to control acidity and vomiting . Some home remedies to control vomiting are: eat small frequent meals, food that has been cooked outside, spicy, fried and stale food should be avoided. Take an early breakfast and plenty of fluids, avoid tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and foods with strong flavours and processed foods and flours.

Note: Please check for allergies and pre-existing medical conditions. Consult your doctor for a physical examination before making any change in your diet, lifestyle and/or medication. Identifying the gender of your child before or after conception is a punishable offense. Parentune.com does not endorse any technique/procedure for prenatal gender determination.

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