hi I'm mother of 9years twins boys.. my children are very good in study. thy had a good score.. but now at 4 th standard thy are not doing good in fact thy have poor result. at home thy give me all and but when I saw thyeir and sheet thy did not write anything correct ..thy are only busy with their gossips thy don't listen me. plz tell me what should I do for my children.. so that thy come back at their previous study level... plzzz give me some frultful advice as I'm very disappointed.

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Updated on Sep 20, 2017

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Routine and structure alone can bring about good habits. Use alarms as reminders. please set a proper routine. Routines help children and they need routines. Allow them to play after they return for 1 hour. Set a time period to study for 1-1.15 hours. Be gentle and firm that they follow the routine. When they complete studying or writing give them a star or a sticker. When they get 7 stars orstickers give them a reward. Please be patient and give them lots of love and affection. Slowly all this routine will help.

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