Hi Mam, my daughter is 11 years old. She has been studying in only one school since nursery till now. Next year I want to join her to a better school. I will have to pay and block her seat next week in the new school. I tried explaining her several times how this school will be better for her but she doesn't not get convinced. She keeps telling that she doesn't want to change the school, when asked why she says friends, teachers, and bond with her school. I also told her to try the new school for one month and if she doesn't like I will send to her previous school, but she doesn't agree even to that. I can understand her feelings but as a child she doesn't really understand why I want to put her in a better school. How should I convince her? Please advice. Is this normal for kids to resist and is she going to be fine as she goes to the new school?

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Updated on Jan 05, 2018

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It is very normal. Such a change can be traumatic for children. If she does not get friends she will become depressed. She may lose interest in studies too. She may rebel against you. Since she is nearing teen it would be a sensitive phase. These are the cons. If you are very particular then persisit in having conversations. Sit together as a family and brainstorm on the better options. If you know anyone studying in the other school arrange for a get together. Please debate and discuss well before you take a decision.

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