Hi Mam, My daughter is in LKG and she is very talkative at the same time very intelligent but fails to remember rhymes/slokas etc. Also she hates homework and always try to avoid it. Please help on how to make her interestingly do Home work and try to remember rhymes/numbers.

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Updated on Jul 17, 2017

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I understand your worry. Contrary to popular belief of sitting the child down and monitoring homework, you could focus in fostering independence in your child, and reaching out for help when in need while doing homework. Please find some handy tips here. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/home-work/119 All the best and do keep us posted. For rhymes and slogans , consistent practice alone will help. Make it a fun activity. - finish in a particular time slot. As she chants play Freeze or statue.

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