hi mam my don age 1yr7m running his weight 10kgs it is good or not am giving him bottil milk 500ml and he don't drink water 100ml am giving him 25grams rice cooked with grated carrot with anything curry for his lunch ,dinner also this is enough for him , he did eat one full boils egg give me the valuable information for it his good or bad plz

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Updated on Dec 22, 2016

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you are feeding him fine and can give more of these foods to help in his weight gain Use whole milk and its products like curd, paneer, cheese, buttermilk etc. Fruit yogurt made of full-fat milk, full-fat milk based puddings like rice kheer/fruit custard/vermicelli kheer/gajar halwa. Increase intake of dals/legumes ( either mashed, in soup or as khichdi, dal-roti mash, eggs (as nogs or in soups), scrambled egg with added milk/fresh malai, poultry/fish (cooked &minced or soup) Give more of fruits like mango, banana, cheeku,litchi, grapes, dates. These may be added to their milkshakes as well. Fruit smoothie especially made of banana, honey and nuts Potato, sweet potato, colocassia, yam, besides other vegetables. Boiled potato/ sweet potato with melted cheese & little butter, boiled potato with cream cheese dip, Nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts finely powdered. Well mashed dried fruits like raisins, dates, currants, apricots etc.

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