Hi mam, my kid is 22 months old. She is a very active kid. Problem is all with food. She doesn't eat food i. e rice. Always she is interested in fruits and sweet corn, egg and any other items like sweets Kara. I am trying many ways to eat rice but she is not showing interest. My friends says it is ok even if she does not eat rice as she is eating other fruits or anything. Is it really ok or not. She is also having a habit of sucking fingers. I have tried many ways to stop but of waste no use. I am worried about her food. So please help me out. Her weight is 9. 4 kg. Also please let me know actual correct weight for her age. Also wanted to know how many hours of sleep is needed. She sleeps only 9-10 hours in night and 2 hours during day. Please reply me with all these answers.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2019

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The weight should be around 10-11 kg. Sleep duration seems fine. Rice can be given in form of idli, poha, dosa, kheer etc. However, if the baby is eating other cereals like wheat, ragi, or any other millet, then do not worry. You may keep trying by making her sit with family for meals. This would encourage her to try the same foods. Children have Food Neophobia which is a fear of new foods, which leads to a reluctance to try new foods. However, all kids grow out of it. Keep a gap of atleast 2-3 hours between each meal, so that your child is hungry enough to eat. Fix the meal times and serve food at those times only and not in between. Restrict the amount of milk to 500-550 ml in a day, so that the child would be hungry for other foods too. Serve a very small portion of a new food earlier in the day, when your little one is most energetic and the least aggressive. If you'd like your child to eat a particular food, then you should eat too. If your child isn't hungry, don't force a meal. Kids generally regulate their appetites by eating when hungry, so don’t fret. Be creative and serve a variety of brightly colored foods and cut foods into various shapes.. Make positive comments about the food you are eating, such as "this is yummy!", your toddler may be more willing to try them. Praise your toddler when she eats well, because toddlers respond positively to praise. Always serve small portions. Toddlers can be overwhelmed by big platefuls and lose their appetite. Keep trying. It’s a given fact that it may take 10 or more exposures to new foods before a child accepts them Remember that your child's eating habits won't change overnight but the small steps you take each day can help you overcome your dilemma Do read the following blog for more tips and suggestions http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-make-your-toddler-eat-right/545

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