Hi meri daughter 15 month ki he use bar bar bukhar aata he

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Hi meri daughter 15 month ki he use bar bar bukhar aata he

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Updated on Nov 11, 2019

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A healthy balanced diet is essential so that it provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to boost immunity. Aim to give atleast a fruit a day and also vitamin C rich ones like guava, strawberries, citrus fruits like orange, mausami, lemon. Give good quality proteins from eggs (in soup/ soft scrambled), meat,& poultry( in soups/minced form in khichri, stuffed parantha, sandwich, upma) , cheese, paneer (as it is or to their roti/sandwich), whole dals, beans & legumes. Include nuts like walnut, almonds, peanuts whole or in in powdered form to porridge, stalples, soups. Dried fruits(dates, raisins, currants apricots in mashed form)and seed (flaxseed, sesame, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds in powdered form) can be included in daily diet. Use whole gains like bajra, dalia, ragi, sprouted beans. Do include green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc in the diet. I hope this helps. I hope these give you some ideas.

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