Hi, My 16 months daughter crosses her legs and stiffens them very tightly and also leans on one side. Some times the amount of efforts she puts or the stress she shows on her face make me very worried. Doctor saying its her psychological behavior and will go with time when she was 10 months old, but 16 months now and it has just increased. Also did urine test, but all normal. Very closely noticed from birth she has irregular stool passing, as in sometimes she passes stool after 2 or 3 days. Now even 4 days and hard one. Is she feeling discomfort or pain while passing stools or kind of avoiding passing stool and trying to hold since it pains when she passes hard stools or a psychological. If Psychological then why and how to get rid of it and if because of hard stool then how to make her pass regular soft motion. Plz any expert opinion will help.

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Updated on Aug 08, 2021

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Try to observe the environment when you daughter crosses and stiffens the leg. How often does she do this. Is there any triggers in the environment for this behaviour. What is happening around her when she behaves in this manner. Also try to do many activities with her like singing, telling her stories, going through books, talking to her. When you are doing these activities does she cross her legs. Observe her and note down the frequency and duration of crossing the legs. If it is an environmental trigger then address it. Also do visit your doctor after making these observations. Take care.

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