Hi, my 4 years son is not interesting in writing practice.. meanwhile he can't sit in single place.. please suggest for his constraint on study..

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Updated on Nov 18, 2016

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but you would start noticing a difference after a few weeks. Even household chores like pouring water into a glass, arranging books, cleaning and wiping plates. 2. Boost Pincer grip for your child, that is through the use of tongues and tweezers. 3. Trace alphabets with your child on different surfaces like sand, soil etc 4. Create a fun story book or my daily story kind of a diary for your child and encourage him to write anything he would like there every day and then share with you before dinner, like a story of the most interesting things in the day for him. 5. Encourage your child to write beyond academics for fun and play as well. Also, read this blog - https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/8-ways-to-make-your-child-enjoy-writing/607 Do let me know how does it go when you try these. 6. Also, please do read this for some handy tips on improving concentration levels for your child - https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-improve-concentration-levels-for-your-child/547

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