Hi, My Anushka is 2. 5 years old. She is a bright child, generally very happy and active throughout the day. Loves going to school and learning new things. As a baby she has always demanded my attention, is always persistent about her needs. I have taken great pains to try and make her as independent as possible. I desperately need help on a few challenges I'm facing as I'm feeling pretty lost. Plus I work, adding to my helplessness. 1) Anushka wakes up in the night and needs milk (in a bottle) to go back to sleep. She also needs milk before her afternoon Naptime as well. I am currently in the process of reducing the quantity of milk, but the night time waking is getting very disruptive. I've also tried talking to her about it, which is what I normally do for about everything with her. And she agrees to not ask for milk either, but forgets all about it in the middle of the night. 2)Tantrums - In the eternal attempt at discipline, I try to talk to her about anything and everything. And she is pretty receptive too. I'm proud of the fact that she gets most of the things we try to make her understand about. But she gets aggressive when refused things. Specially the night time milk. The result is a high pitched cry that will go on for hours if she doesn't get what she wants. Not a good thing in the middle of the night. During the day it's pretty easy to be assertive in order to discipline her. But the crying doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. It's very draining, frustrating, and scary. She sometimes throws food. But I think I'm able to deal with that. It's the loud persistent crying I'm worried about. 3) She doesn't eat anything apart from fruits, dal/kadi/dahi chaval, jam bread. I know she prefers crunchy foods, so I try to look up crunchy recipes. I don't have an oven and not much of a cook (I keep a cook). I know giving her a good dinner reduces the nighttime waking, but she again doesn't eat much at night. I want to inculcate a same- dinner- for-all practice at home though. Help! Thanks so much Regards Reshma

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Updated on Sep 28, 2016

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Hi Reshma, the child at 2.5 years should be given proper breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks...

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