hi my baby girl is 7 months old she was eating properly she had stomach infection last week which is OK now n now she seems to have lost her appetite I have to force her to eat she use to like banana daal apple cerelac now she doesn't want to eat anything neither she wants to take bottle feed all she wants is my feed. she only have a small paratha which I have to make her eat. it's not dat she doesn't feels hugry she does but den she doesn't eat plz suggest

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Updated on Jul 21, 2016

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it will take few days for her to get back yo her normal appetite. Try more liquids now and once she starts eating normally you can give porridge of suji, sagi, dalia, rice flakes, ragi etc. Kheer of apple, rice etc. , upma, soft scrambled egg yolk, soups, mashed veggies, boiled mashed potato, sweet potato, mashed banana, stewed fruits etc.

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