hi my baby is 19months old and am staying in us. me and my daughter stay at home only. Recently we came to India and my daughter doesn't going to anyone. she is not leaving me even for one sec also. And she is not allowing to touch any one also specially elder people. She plays with kids but doesn't allow them to touch. please tell me the solution for this. Thank you

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Updated on May 22, 2019

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It is normal because in the US she is hardly seeing so many people around. Also there people dont just come and touch or carry your child. So she has got used to few people around. Also she has to get used to the heat and noise here. Everything would be so strange for her. It is good that she has begun playing. Please understand from her perspective. If she doesn’t want to be touched or carried do respect that. After a few days she will slowly begin going to others. Till then don’t fuss about it. Keep talking to her and calming her.

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