Hi my boy is 4 months 16 days old.... completely on breastfeed, there's no issue at home as I can feed him whenever he wants but when we go for outing it becomes difficult to feed him in public places, first have to find proper place to feed. He gets very irritated if not given milk the moment he is hungry. Sometimes the situation is handled but sometimes he starts crying uncontrollably,we have to give him vitamin drops or collimex(suggested by ped) to stop his crying. Now I am afraid of taking him out. Is there solution for this? Can I store my breastmilk in bottle and take with him? Please help TIA.

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Updated on Mar 20, 2017

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you can express your milk and it should be given within half an hour. It can be stored in fridge for few hours but since we have hot and humid climate, chances of spoilage are high.

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