hi, my child is in grade 3 but he makes a lot of spelling mistakes even 3 letter words is difficult for him to write his marks are always less due to spelling mistakes plz suggest some helpful measures to make him write correct spellings

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Updated on May 02, 2018

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If the spelling errors are of similar type- i.e reversing of alphabets , missing a letter or inserting an extra letter - then he may be experiencing reading and writing difficulties. I suggest you have an assessment done by a psychologist for learning difficulties. This will help you to understand better. If he has a difficulty, a suitable intervention will be suggested. If there is no such difficulty you can try out: 1. Play games suitable to teach spellings 2. Use chart or board for him to practise spellings 3. Make posters using A4 sheet of the new words he learns 4. Play scrabble to increase vocabulary and improve spelling 5. Use flash cards to teach 6. Use the newspaper to pick out words. I hope this helps.

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