Hi my daughter 3+11month year old she is in Lkg she do not want to do writing she does not like it please help me how could I make her do with easy way that she be always be ready to do suchthing

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Updated on Jul 04, 2018

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How to make my child enjoy writing?

Before trying to help your child, who is experiencing difficulty in writing, you have to get your child evaluated to see whether it is a physical or a cognitive issue. Here is some fun- filled activities through which your child may start writing more willingly. Work on fine-motor skills: Buying a toy xylophone and a piano can work wonders because they help in wrist strengthening and finger strengthening. Also, look for pop-up toys through which little children can improve fine motor skills. Buttoning shirts with big buttons, zipping dolls jackets also contribute to the handwriting part. Lacing beads is also a good activity to improve fine motor skills. To learn about more such activities, read this blog - 8 ways to make your child enjoy writing

How to improve hand writing?

Reading can improve handwriting and introduce the child to new words. There are lot of early reading books which can improve children's learning abilities, listening abilities and help in writing in the long run. To learn about more such activities, read this blog - 8 ways to make your child enjoy writing

Note: Please check for allergies in your child and his/her medical condition. Please consult with the Doctor in person for physical examination and treatment.

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