Hi... My daughter is 1 year 7 months old. She could only speak few words like mumma, papa, poopoo , etc. when will her speech get developed. Is this speech delay

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Updated on May 19, 2016

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especially early on, if she gets what she wants with single words. 2. The key in helping a child is to make him/her play with you. This is the first step in helping the child how to communicate. Encourage your child gain the desire and ability to connect with you in mutually enjoyable experiences , this will help her communicate better. 3. You can sing a little song, say a little rhyme and the child might stop in what he is doing to listen. The initial goal should be to engage the child initially for a few minutes, but first and foremost make him sit down to look at you and then sit with you. I f the child doesn’t listen or look at his mom, then the mom should keep on doing or talking to her self without paying attention to the child, till the child looks up or comes to her. Once the child has the mother's attention, she can pick up some object and keep on repeating what it is, holding it in her palm and getting the child to hold it as well and repeat. 4. Words to be used have to be short and simple and audible. Voice modulation is also important here to make the child connect with what your are saying. 5. There are different games that could be played, for e. g. try Give me five. Hold your hand up in front of the child and say give me5. Involve others as well and keep repeating; peek-a-boo: cover your head with a blanket and say peek a boo and then uncover my head .repeat and repeat; I expanded the game into hide and seek and say "Where is mummy" or "Where is papa" and I involved grandparents,domestic help etc as well. But play only as per the liking of the child,keeping in mind that the child doesn't get overwhelmed. Also, please read this blog focused on this topic. Link here- https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/helping-a-child-with-speech-delay-a-mothers-role/561

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