hi my daughter is 14 months old. for the past 1 week she is not eating her breakfast, lunch and dinner. ie rice dal instead she is eating biscuits, nestum rice. if we compel also she is splitting it rice dal and all.. pls suggest something..

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Updated on Dec 01, 2016

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don't force feed the child as the child will vomit and would have negative association with meal times. You can try the following milk should be restricted to 400-500 ml maximum in a day, so that the child doesn't fill the stomach with milk only. Fix meal times for the child, that is with family meal timings. Keep a gap of at least 2-3 hours between the feeds be it milk or solid. Don't let the child eat in between. Give healthy options, which should be what the family is eating. Give variety your child in foods. She might be bored of eating the same type of food. You can offer her different foods in breakfast, lunch and dinner like porridge, kheer, upma, idli, poori, rice etc.

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